Tuesday’s Tips

Tuesday’s Tips

Inspiration for Writers — 9/14/21

Happy Tuesday everyone! Sharing links to some of the articles I’ve found useful or interesting throughout the week – I hope you can also find something to help you grow as a writer.

Writing Tips

Testing Fate: A Closer Look at Person vs. Fate Conflict – Writers Helping Writers

Why Ask Why? Because Your Readers Will – Janice Hardy

WIP Diagnostic: Is This Working? A Closer Look at Tension in a Mystery Opening

Nods, Smiles, and Frowns: How Can We Avoid “Talking Heads”…and Cliches?

How to Find Your Writing Voice: 5 Methods from Famous Writers

How to Write a Red Herring

Character Introductions: Part 1 – Go Into the Story

Writing and the Creative Life: What to do when you feel out of touch with your creative energy

7 Steps for Writing Your Novel’s Opening Chapter


How To Write A Story Outline That Works: 9 Steps

Productivity Tips

Breaking Free – Writers Helping Writers

Writer’s Block: Is It Laziness or a Critical Part of Being a Longtime Author? – Kristen Lamb

4 Key Reasons Planning a Novel Speeds Up Your Writing Process – The Write Practice

Hemingway’s Writing Routine

Are You Growing as a Writer? (Here’s the Only Way to Tell) – K.M. Weiland

4 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Start Writing Today

Moving on to a New Book

Author Platform

Creating A Style Guide Template That Works

7 Tips to Build an Audience for Your Writing

How to Create a Sales-Boosting Author Website

Book Marketing


Double The Love (aka Pimp & Promote) – Writers in the Storm

The Small Changes That Can Amp up your Book Promotion on Amazon

Secrets to a Bestselling Author Name


Utilize your protagonist’s perspective in a query (query critique)

10 Tips On Getting An Agent (Or Doing Without One!)

Let’s Focus on Building Writing Careers

Want to be a Career Author? Avoid Pitfalls (and a few tips, too)

Weekly Dose of Inspiration

5 Things Never to Say to a Writer

Happy Writing!

JL Winters

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