Tuesday’s Tips and Inspiration

Dear Storytellers,

The new year is off to a great start, although a rather cold one here in the North. I hope you’re finding time to write and also taking time to inspire your creative mind. Hopefully one of this week’s links will give you the wisdom, inspiration, or how-to you were looking for…

Writing Tips

How To “Go Deeper” Into A Character’s Emotions

What’s Your Story’s Focus? Plot vs. Character Arcs

Writers, Grab a Knife: How To Kill Your Darlings

Writing Mojo: Are You Languishing or Flourishing?

In Medias Res—A Very Good Place to Start Your Novel

How To Use Sound To Make Your Writing Memorable

Catch Readers With The Unexpected

What goes into a good cozy mystery novel

Neil Gaiman on Writing: “Your first draft doesn’t count.”

8 benefits of writing mentors for authors

Don’t Let Your Characters Fall Into the Daily Routine Trap

Want Your Characters to Stand Out? Give Them a Skill

Productivity Tips

What Do You Need to Write Regularly?

Here’s What Can Happen When You Resolve to Write a Little Every Day

An At-Home Writing Retreat

Write or Die: Is This the Tool That Finally Conquers Your Procrastination?

Author Platform

The Existential Horror of Making an Author Website

3 Author Platform Resolutions for 2022

Branding & Attention: Busy Brains in a Busy World

Book Marketing

Top 5 Twitter Tips to Powerfully Market Your Books

Book Launch Tips for 2022


Review Your 2021 and Plan 2022: Annual Planning for Indie Authors

Manuscript assessments: 6 insights from writing reports

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going (in Publishing)

Release Checklist

Five Book Cover Trends from 2021

Weekly Dose of Inspiration

5 Reasons to Keep Writing

Happy Writing!

J.L. Winters