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Don’t Worry Be Happy

No. 107 – tl;dr: Why we worry, how to structure Act Two, write like no one is reading, writer’s inner critic, starting a writing business, write your second book, tells in crime fiction mysteries, a morning routine, how to see opportunity.


Why We Always Worry for No Reason

Worry is, after all, something we should rightly hate to have to suffer and should engage with only when absolutely necessary. Why we worry.

How to Structure Act Two

There’s a reason so many writers lose their way and motivation in Act Two. Maybe you have an ending for your story in mind, maybe you don’t, but there’s a huge and daunting expanse of 50-60% of your story to fill before you get there.

The good news is that there is a formula you can follow to for Act Two that’s useful without being prescriptive—and today we’re going to break it down for you!

Write Like No One is Reading

Writing, just like anything else in life, must be done to please oneself. Must be done to let one take the sinews of their heart and the breath of their soul, and transcribe them somehow onto the page before them. Via Ryan Lanz.

The Writer’s Inner Critic: 11 Ways to Tell if Yours Is Healthy

Ah, the writer’s inner critic. It’s that wily inner editor who has such a way of getting in the last word (and first and middle words) on any writing session or project. Most of the time when writers speak of the inner critic, there’s a fair amount of self-deprecating exaggeration of how ruthless that little voice can be. We joke about the inner critic as a universal experience, but for many writers at one time or another, the inner editor can turn into a counter-productive tyrant. @ Helping Writers Become Authors

Starting a Writing Business on the Right Foot
Elizabeth Spann Craig

It’s Time to Write Your Second Book (or Third…)
Career Authors

The Use of Tells in Crime Fiction Mysteries
And Knowin’ What the Cards Were By The Way They Held Their Eyes*

This Morning Routine Will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week

The first three hours of your day are your most precious for maximized productivity. Check out this routine to save your day from wasted time.

How to See Opportunity Around You

Life is about seeing the opportunity around you, stepping into the vision you have for yourself, and embracing the work it will take to get there.

For me, stepping into the vision I have for myself hasn’t always been easy and there has been a ton of imposter syndrome along the way, but leading is about doing scary things and having faith in knowing you were created to do something amazing.

One thing I know for sure is one bump in the road doesn’t define who you are, or the impact you are meant to have in the world. In fact, if you let it, one bump, or many bumps can inspire you to take the leap to do more with your life. I know this was the case for me.

Happy Writing!

J.L. Winters