J.L. Winters


J.L. Winters thrives in the world of mystery and the unknown. She loves to write dark, tortured heroes and the smart, capable women who bring them to light. Sometimes you’ll find a bookish heroine and a little magic thrown in – but always with good friends, memorable characters, and a dash of romance. 

Though she started filling notebooks with stories at an early age, Ms. Winters has also worked as a waitress, a financial planner, a property manager, and an event coordinator. She publishes the Write Magic blog, and helps writers find their true voice and authenticity by helping them connect their creativity to their intuition.

She was born in Hawaii and lived in Southern California for several years. When she’s not working on her next story, she loves to read, teach meditation and yoga, go for a hike, travel, and hang at the beach. She craves deep, intellectual conversations and exploring diverse perspectives because of both the knowledge and the insights they bring. She will always be your “woo” friend at the party, but that’s what makes her so interesting. Currently she lives with her son and their two kitties in Minnesota.