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Which Divine Feminine Archetype is influencing  your life right now?

This quiz will help you:

Discover which of the seven Divine Feminine Archetypes is most dominant in your life right now.

Identify your shadow archetype and explore new, unknown parts of yourself.

Gain a blueprint for navigating your psyche and understand who you are on a deeper level.

Learn how to work with the dominant archetype to support your development and elevate your potential.

Which Archetype Are You Embodying...

We are in the age of reclaiming the feminine and waking up to parts of our subconscious that have been lost, abandoned, or buried. Working with the Divine Feminine archetypes can be a transformative journey, leading to more clarity and purpose. It can help you find more balance in your life and uncover psychological forces at play. Much like a horoscope, they provide a sense of identity and a set of thoughts and behaviors that help you better understand your inner mind.

Divine archetypes are the highest expressions of feminine energies that women embody. You will likely recognize parts of numerous archetypes within yourself and will likely resonate with a few of them more deeply than the rest. You may also feel magnetically drawn to others that have qualities you wish to embody. Trust your intuition to guide you.

The energy is available for you to call upon at any time depending on which phase of your life you are navigating. When you connect with your archetypes, you discover the inner truth about who you are and how to appreciate your unique qualities.


While each archetype has her own positive energies and shadow qualities, when you recognize what archetypes have dominated parts of your life, you gain the tools and practices to cultivate the positive qualities and work through any shadows that need healing. The archetypes are not designed to label you but to offer a framework of patterns which show up in your life.

You probably have a good sense of what archetype is currently ruling your life, or there may be several that you regularly embody and cycle through. Maybe there’s one you feel is presently lacking in your life and you want to learn how to channel more of her energy. Exploring and working with the feminine archetypes is something you will do throughout your life as you grow, walk your soul path, and learn to stand in your true power as a woman.

Discover your feminine wisdom and magick.

The Divine Feminine Archetypes

The Maiden


The maiden is young at heart and has an innocent, youthful, playful spirit. She is fresh, has passion and excitement, a vitality for life, and is bursting with vibrant energy, curious and ready to take on the world. She is optimistic and open-hearted and trusts easily. Comfortable in her own skin, she embodies strength, confidence, and independence, and is not afraid to show others who she is at heart. She is able to magnetize all she desires towards her with ease – people, resources, and opportunities.

The Maiden in her Shadow: 

In her shadow side, the Maiden can be dependent, like the damsel in distress, looking for a savior to make everything better, and she may find herself drawn to risky situations. Her innocence and lack of wisdom can make her vulnerable and leave her open to others taking advantage of her. If she hasn’t discovered her true inner power, she may put her power in someone else, becoming compliant or obedient to satisfy her need to please others and be liked.

How to embody the Maiden archetype:

  • Unleash your creative energy and discover your unique gifts
  • Be assertive
  • Focus on yourself
  • Think outside the box
  • Be willing to experiment and try new things
  • Explore your personal boundaries
  • Play and be social

The Wild Woman


The Wild Woman is the mystic, the witchy woman, the rebel. She dances to the beat of her own drum and makes up her own rules. She’s not going to follow anyone else’s way. She is a freedom-seeker. She is at home in her body and knows, loves, and accepts all parts of herself. She confronts her shadows and is not afraid of the death and rebirth cycle. The Wild Woman is alive with passion and creativity, and has a heightened connection with her inner wisdom. She is wild in every sense of the word. Having been tamed for so long, her wildness is the strength women need to embrace. To know her is to reclaim the source of your feminine soul and power.

The Wild Woman in her Shadow:

In her shadow, The Wild Woman is unable to commit, flitting all over the place, she can cause mayhem and doesn’t want responsibility.

How to embody the Wild Woman archetype:

  • Bring awareness to your deepest emotions and feelings
  • Engage in regular shadow work
  • Get to know yourself intimately and explore your depths
  • Unleash your raw, authentic nature
  • Track and flow with your menstrual cycle
  • Awaken your magic through astrology, numerology, ceremony, crystal healing, etc.
  • Create a sacred space or altar in your home to ground and center yourself
  • Spend time alone and reflect
  • Journey to your edge, and keep on going

The Mother


The Mother is caring, loving, and nurturing (of herself and others). She has a huge heart and is very attentive and giving. She has a deep desire to take care of her creations and watch them bloom, but is able to step back to allow separation and freedom. She understands that what she creates must one day be able to sustain itself without her presence. She is also connected to nature, animals, and the elements, and knows that by nurturing and caring for herself, she can also nurture Mother Earth. With the Mother, we feel safe, protected, and cared for, as she is selfless and will often put others’ needs before her own.

The Mother in her Shadow:

In her shadow side, the Mother can be over-giving to the point where her resources become depleted. She feels a lack of appreciation, and will put others needs before her own, often neglecting herself along the way. In putting herself last, she is unable to show up as her best self. This can sometimes lead to a loss of her own identity as a woman, independent of her other roles. There is a tendency to become codependent and controlling as a caretaker and she can struggle letting go when it’s time. The mother needs to learn to nurture without being controlling.

How to embody the Mother archetype:

  • Practice self-care
  • Spend time in nature
  • Don’t be afraid to put your own needs first and make room for your dreams and desires
  • Connect to your sacred cycle, or the moon cycle
  • Learn to say no so you can say yes to what you truly desire
  • Re-connect with your independence
  • Weave tradition and ceremony into your life

The Huntress


The Huntress is a very independent female spirit whose primary goal is to achieve freedom and sovereignty of her life. She relies on no one but herself and is also a natural protector of other women, particularly those who are vulnerable or find themselves victimized. She knows where she’s going, knows what she’s aiming at, and takes action. She is self-assured, courageous, and doesn’t believe she needs a partner to feel complete – she is whole on her own. The Huntress is a high-achiever, very ambitious, goal-oriented, and competitive (especially with herself) and committed to the causes she cares about. Huntresses are the activists, revolutionaries, and feminists of the world, always standing up for what she believes in and focused on making a change. The Huntress wants to create a new and better world.

The Huntress in her Shadow:

In her shadow, the Huntress can be a hustler, prone to burn-out, not able to ask for help because she is too independent for her own good. In her attempts to maintain total independence, she may be unable to open her heart, afraid of intimacy and letting others in, or losing control. She can end up pushing people away by withholding her love.

How to embody the Huntress archetype:

  • Plan an adventure
  • Join a cause or movement you align with
  • Plan regular alone time for yourself
  • Explore the outdoors with a good hike, run, or swim
  • Set yourself a new goal or challenge
  • Let other people into your heart and reach out when you need help

The Wise Woman


The Wise Woman is the crone, the teacher, the mentor, a wise older woman or community leader. Her phase represents a loss of fertility, external beauty, activity, and youth. But she has exchanged this superficial value for experience, great wisdom, and knowledge, which she shares with others freely. She is dedicated to growth, education, and learning. Focused on her healing and internal growth, she asks us to slow down, both physically and mentally. She can be deeply introspective and introverted, and is tuned in to her intuition. Wise Woman is connected to the other world and the Divine. She offers us wisdom to guide us into the next phase or chapter of our lives, allowing us to elevate and evolve, and in turn, allowing us to offer compassion and guidance to those around us, particularly to other women. Wise Woman is fully awake.

The Wise Woman in her Shadow:

In her shadow, the Wise Woman can become a hermit, locking herself away to isolate from the world. She doesn’t care to socialize with her family, friends, and community, she’d rather hide away to read books, study, grow, and do her inner work. This can lead to a feeling of external disconnection and deep loneliness. She may also struggle to feel a sense of belonging in this world.

How to embody the Wise Woman archetype:

  • Create moments of stillness to tune in and reflect
  • Share and teach your wisdom and knowledge with your wider community
  • Strengthen your connection to your intuition and Divine wisdom through meditation, journaling, and oracle card readings
  • Remember to connect with the outside world
  • Embrace your growth and learn to love any physical signs of aging

The Lover


The Lover is fully connected to her sensuality and craves deep connection and intimacy with others. She is driven by pleasure and beauty, a true artist, who encourages us to create a blissful life filled with the things that turn on our senses through the feel, the aesthetic, and the experience. She is confident, passionate, and radiates magnetic energy, giving her a presence that can be felt, which often makes her the center of attention. She is open to fully receiving pleasure and confidently expresses her sexuality.

The Lover in her Shadow:

In her shadow side, the Lover may be vain, stuck in an unhealthy comparison trap, lacking self-love and self-esteem, she needs validation to feel admired and adored. Her need to be seen can lead her to become controlling, using her sexuality and feminine power to gain control or manipulate others to get what she wants. She becomes the seductress, and this can attract unnecessary drama into her world.

How to embody the Lover archetype:

  • Practice sacred sexuality
  • Work on building your inner confidence
  • Indulge in self-pleasure
  • Womb healing
  • Write yourself a love letter
  • Wear beautiful clothes and adorn your body with jewelry and intoxicating scents
  • Explore sensual movement and dance

The Queen


The Queen stands rooted in her own power as a natural leader, wholly devoted to whatever she chooses to focus her energy on. She has claimed her throne and is following her divine mission. Her purpose is to be of service to others. She is fiercely loyal, fully embodied in her sovereignty, and confident in taking charge, whether it’s in her romantic relationship, her business, or with her family. She sets goals for herself and is motivated to achieve them, but is not going to burn herself out because she knows she needs a team to fulfill her mission. She truly knows her worth and understands the importance of investing in herself as a woman, which is why you’ll regularly find her reading books, taking courses, heading on wellness retreats, and working with the best guides, coaches and mentors. She is a social creature and makes regular plans to see friends and family and thrives on meeting new people, but she has no time for whining, complaining, or negativity and will quickly move away from anyone who tries to kill her vibe. She has her boundaries and knows what she wants.

The Queen in her Shadow:

In her shadow side, the Queen can become a tyrant or a diva, embodying a superior “it’s all about me” attitude. She will lack humility and relatability, is prone to judgment (of herself and others) will talk down to people, become controlling, which is rooted in her strive for perfection, and can carry an air of entitlement. She can feel easily threatened by other women and become vindictive or blinded by jealously when someone has something she desires.

How to embody the Queen archetype:

  • Invest in your personal growth and self-development
  • Find a coach or mentor
  • Work on your confidence and be assertive
  • Upgrade something in your life or your surroundings
  • Get comfortable making decisions
  • Have a loyal team of people you trust around you
  • Let go of the need for perfection
  • Dress in ways that make you feel powerful
  • Celebrate other women’s success and strength
  • Surround yourself with inspiring and uplifting messages, people, and vibrations
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