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It’s time to start living your life from the wisdom of your inner world rather than
for the acceptance of the outer world…

So many of us are living out of alignment with the person we want to be, and so we feel stuck, unfulfilled, and unhappy. But that doesn’t have to be your story anymore. My journey has taught me that not only is an extraordinary life possible for me, it’s possible for everyone. 

Below you’ll discover the resources I’ve created utilizing my knowledge and experience to help you learn how to step into the greatest version of yourself and create your best life. A life with more love, more joy, more connection. A life you don’t need to escape from because you created it and you’re excited to experience it.

You only have this one life. Why not create something extraordinary with it?


The JL Winters Book Club

My favorite books on spirituality, creativity, and writing.

Resources For Writers

Awakening the Chakras

A seven week program centered around learning about what the chakras are, how to know when they are out of balance, and how to harmonize and bring these energy centers back into balance.

Designing Your Dreams

If you want to change your outer world, you must first change your inner one. There is a version of you who already has everything you desire. She lives inside of you. Are you ready to find her?

With the Moon

Discover the healing and transformative power of working with the energy of the moon. Harness the influence of the main phases each month with manifestation tips, journal prompts, and rituals. Imagine carving out special time for yourself, where you shut out the noise of the world and reconnect with your intuition.

Do you want to uncover your Divine Archetype?

This quiz will help you determine the dominant feminine archetype you are embodying at this moment.

Are you ready to learn more about yourself?

Once you discover your divine archetype you’ll have a powerful tool for understanding and connecting to yourself on a deeper level and bringing your mind and body back into harmony.


Do You Understand Your Birth Chart?

Learning about Astrology and how the cosmic forces affect our lives and energy is crucial in understanding yourself at a deeper level. Head over to Astrodienst to score your free birth chart! If you want to dive deeper, Astrostyle is another great resource for explaining all of the signs and houses. I love the Astro Twins!

What's up with Human Design?

Human Design is our own personal blueprint and the roadmap to discovering our personal quest and who we came here to be. Learn more about what you’re made of from Jenna Zoe at My Human Design. I’m a 5/1 Generator with Sacral Authority, and learning this has taught me so much about working with my unique energy and listening to my own body, as well as learning how to tap into my intuition.

Want to know how numbers affect your life?

Kaitlyn Kaerhart is my go to girl on all things numbers and her Instagram is full of information on how to calculate your year number and your month numbers. I’m a life path 1, which is pretty obvious to those who know me. What’s your number?

Do you want to work with the angels?

Angels and humanity have been connected to each other since the dawn of time. I feel my life is richer with their presence. My favorite expert is Kyle Gray, who says, “Angels are the heartbeats of God.” I love that. He offers classes and videos for connecting with the angels, as well as oracle decks, and brings a little masculinity to our container. I strongly advise you to check him out!

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