JL Winters Mysteries


A Fatal Fortune


can be worth

a fortune.

Colorful Elegant Feminine Love Romance Fantasy Book Cover

Returning to her quaint Midwestern hometown of Harmony Falls, Minnesota—a place she couldn’t wait to leave—numbers expert Kate Abbott discovers murder does pay, if you live long enough.

After leaving over a decade ago, Kate returns to Harmony Falls to bury her father, who hadn’t spoken a word to her since she left for Los Angeles to study forensic accounting. In a hurry to settle his estate and get back to her job in LA, the last thing she expects to inherit is evidence of an unsolved crime and a shady business partner. Sure, Larry Stone might be selling his clients the hottest investment in town, but Kate discovers he isn’t doing everything by the books and suspects his risky venture might be a scam.

When the numbers tell her something doesn’t add up, Kate recruits her best friend, Alex Monroe, to help her uncover the truth. Unfortunately, the first clue they uncover is a dead body – Larry’s. But when Alex becomes the #1 suspect, Kate realizes there might be more than one client holding a grudge, and that the killer might want to end her number for good.

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