Manifesting With The Moon

Manifesting With The Moon


Luminous; A Guide to Manifesting With The Moon

Discover the healing and transformative power of working with the 4 main moon phases: new moon, waxing moon, full moon & waning moon.

Harness the influence of the moon phases each month with manifestation tips, journal prompts, and rituals. Imagine carving out special time for yourself, where you shut out the noise of the world and reconnect with your intuition. Experience the magic of the moon with Luminous.


After purchasing Luminous, you will…


  • Understand how you can use the phases of the moon and simple astrology to plan and predict your life, as well as how to use this energy to help manifest your desires.
  • Enjoy 4 monthly moon rituals: a New Moon Ritual, Waxing Moon Ritual, Full Moon Ritual and Waning Moon Ritual. These rituals are simple enough for you to add your own personal touches.
  • Understand how the feminine archetypes correspond to each of the 4 main phases of the moon.
  • Reconnect with yourself with self-care rituals designed for each phase of the moon
  • Use journal prompts to check in with your progress



How long is the Guide?

The Guide is a 38 page PDF filled with information, rituals, & journal prompts to help you manifest your desires with the moon.


What format does the download come in?

The guide is in PDF format. After your purchase, you will receive instant access to the download for the guide. If you have any issues, please email: [email protected]


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